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Defend your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with daily sun care

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Sun Care

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Defend your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with daily sun care

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Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++

A lightweight facial sunscreen with SPF 50 PA++++ and pollution protection..

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Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Aqua Gel SPF 50 PA++++

A non-comedogenic sunscreen for oily skin.

Total: S$ 56.00

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Activated Sun Protector™ Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF50

Defend against UV rays with advanced sun filter system

Total: S$ 58.00

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Lightweight and hydrating sunscreens for every skin type

Sunscreens are the final and most important step of any skincare routine. We’re exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays almost anywhere we go in the day (even if you’re indoors!). Protecting our skin with sunscreen not only greatly reduces the signs of premature ageing caused by sun damage (the dreaded dark spots, discolouration and wrinkles), but also protects against sunburn and skin cancer. In other words, sunscreen keeps your skin healthy and youthful, so it’s important to put on a generous amount right before you apply your makeup in the daytime.

The sun emits two kinds of harmful ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB. UVA rays causes premature ageing (fine lines, wrinkles, you name it), while UVB rays can cause sunburns. The best sunscreens offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays, that is, broad spectrum protection. At Kiehl’s, we offer a range of lightweight everyday sunscreens that are broad spectrum, non-comedogenic, fragrance free and filled with replenishing antioxidant ingredients. Whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin, we have one that’s suited to keep your skin comfortable and protected all day long.

Tip: The PA value in sunscreens refers to protection from UVA rays, while the SPF value refers to protection from UVB rays. Our range of sunscreens offer SPF 50 PA++++ protection, one of the highest sun protections available.

For normal, dry or sensitive skin

Our Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++ is lightweight and hydrating, absorbing quickly into your skin and leaving it matte, non-greasy, yet hydrated all day. This is a non-comedogenic sunscreen, which means that it is free of ingredients that clog your pores, making it perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin. This sunblock offers SPF 50 PA++++ protection, one of the highest UVA and UVB sun protection available, as well as protection from pollution and free radicals. It also contains baicalin (a potent antioxidant) and vitamin E (an antioxidant with hydration benefits).

For oily or acne-prone skin

If you’re looking for a lightweight and non-greasy sunblock for oily skin, our Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Aqua Gel SPF 50 PA++++ ticks all the right boxes. Tried and tested in humid conditions, this water-light aqua gel sunscreen absorbs quickly into your skin, leaving it matte, shine-free and non-greasy so your skin stays protected, comfortable and hydrated all day long. The non-comedogenic formula also makes it the perfect sunscreen for acne prone skin, or oily and sensitive skin.

For sweaty days or water-based activities

If you’re spending the day outdoors or doing water-based activities, using a water-resistant sunblock like our Activated Sun Protector™ will give you the sun protection you need. Infused with vitamin E, this broad spectrum sunblock SPF 50 will defend your skin against harmful sun rays while keeping it hydrated and comfortable. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, this sunscreen can be used for both your face and body, and should be reapplied frequently especially after swimming or perspiring.

Kiehl's suncare provides you with long-term protection and skin benefits so that you can get the best out of the day while staying protected and comfortable.